MotoGear for Pocket PC

Thrills and spills in this trials bike simulator

MotoGear is a Trials Bike simulator based on Elastomania - but with a more elaborate and attractive set of background graphics. The game includes three packs containing over 150 levels, support for extra levels, three default themes, tournament mode, personalizable controls and even a level editor.

Key features of MotoGear include:

• Real Elastomania physics
• 3 packs with more that 150 levels
• Additional level packs
• Support for levels made for Elastomania
• Create your own levels for game
• 3 graphics skins for levels
• Save and view action replays
• Online ladder for BestBikers
• Tournaments with prizes
• Customizable controls for better game feeling

In all, MotoGear is a technically sound - and very enjoyable - game that will test your motocross skills to the limit!

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MotoGear 1.4

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